ia48x will be a country covering the entire planet including all the people
It will replace all countries and international organizations

Year founded: 2152
Surface: 510.1 million sqkm
Population: 28.3 billion people
Capital: none
Official languges: none
Ethnic groups: all
Religions: all
Currency: all
Military: none
GDP: 12,759,716,324,190,037 in today's $
GDP per capita: 450,156 in today's $
Gini coefficient: 10.9
Goverment: AI assisted direct democracy
Budget: 32 % innovation, 27 % health, 25 % education, 12 % management, 4 % other
Primary goals: physical and social safety of each citizen, immortality & equality

long term vision

We do better if we have a good goal
A future country can be a good goal
Use ia48x as a goal for your long term vision
Evaluate if your designs, plans, management, investments are bringing us closer to ia48x

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Inspired by Innovationism manifesto
Author: Nikola Tosic